IT Resourcing Services (One Time & Contract Based)

Choosing the right candidate for a job is quite challenging in today’s rapidly changing technological environment. Our recruitment team has covered a wide spectrum of major technologies in order to find the most talented resource. Hence, our technology experts are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements in order to ensure client satisfaction. Since we value our clients’ time, we shortlist candidates using a systematic approach. Experts in our team manage the entire process and ensure the right candidate is selected.

WordPress Development (E-Commerce & Payment Gateway)

Business organizations today use E-Commerce to meet their needs. It is an emerging model of effective selling and merchandising tools. We specialize in customizing themes and providing plugin development services for e-commerce applications as per the client’s requirements. Our team is highly experienced with popular CMS tools. We believe in quality work and follow market trends. We enable E-Commerce on existing and newly developed websites with Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway integrations.

Digital IT Services (Digital Marketing & SEO)

We provide digital marketing services across all major social media platforms such as YouTube, Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services enable our clients to achieve a high ranking on popular web search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). We always welcome clients who require our SEO services for their websites to achieve a high ranking. Our team uses a wide range of tools & technologies. We optimize running websites and Complex Business Web Applications with popular technologies like PHP, .NET, C#, RDBMS, and REST APIs. We have a highly skilled team of professionals with more than 20 years’ of experience.